“Echoing Green 2015: Fund Your Dream” by Chiereme Fortune

As entrepreneurs, innovators, serial dreamers and non-stop go-getters, pursuing our passions at-all-costs often demands looking at the actual financial costs of our idea. Our business plans may be flawless, but without financial support, it can be an uphill battle just trying to turn an idea into a revenue stream. Maybe you’re an artist with an idea for an interactive museum for inner city youth with plenty of supporters, but without the help of investors, your idea may seem unattainable. Whatever your dilemma may be, the Kitchen Crew has your back!

Our first advice is to EXHAUST the low-cost options. Free ninety-nine isn’t always an option, but there are plenty of online courses, local workshops and books full of ways to get started on a shoe-string budget (we are right there with you). Then there are those great moments when your need and the perfect opportunity meet.

We think we’ve found the perfect funding source for your impact driven non-profit or for-profit idea.

*Drum Roll*

Dreamers its time to get acquainted with Echoing Green.


Started in 1987, Echoing Green has invested over 36 million in more than 600 social entrepreneurs in over 60 countries that have changed communities and created impact on a global scale. Some of the many things EG provides include:

  • Start-up funding
  • Customized support services
  • Access to a global network of champions

We could tell you about the why, but we think they do it better:

Our mission is to unleash next generation talent to solve the world’s biggest problems.

We believe positive change is only possible when you live boldly, taking responsibility for finding your unique role in making the world a better place. Whether you’re a social entrepreneur with a breakthrough idea to address a stubborn, deeply-entrenched problem; a faculty or staff member working with young people who are ready to build careers with impact; a conscious investor who wants to support innovative solutions; or simply someone who wants to make a difference by joining the social innovation movement, Echoing Green provides a springboard for realizing your contribution to solving the world’s biggest problems.

Some of the initiatives, organizations and businesses funded and supported by the fellowship include:

Great right? The best part is not just the mission of this impact-org, but it’s the opportunity it can offer to dreamers like us in the form of fellowships:

The Global Fellowship is our twenty-six-year-old program for smart leaders who are deeply connected to the needs and potential solutions that may work best for their communities. Any emerging social entrepreneur from any part of the world working to disrupt the status quo may apply.

The Black Male Achievement (BMA) Fellowship invests in emerging leaders dedicated to improving the life outcomes of black men and boys in the United States. Founded and supported in partnership with the Open Society Foundations, this Fellowship connects Fellows to a network of leaders in the field of black male achievement.

The Climate Fellowship, launched in 2013, is specifically targeted for the best next-generation social entrepreneurs committed to working on innovations in mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

So what are you waiting for???

Get yourself together and apply for the 2015 Fellowship opportunities and keep us in the loop!

Bon Appétit,

Chiereme, Executive Chef

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