“I’m Out Here Dying & No One Cares” by Chiereme Fortune

Wise words from the recently released 8-track studio album of SWOOPE, a thought-proving, Collision Records/W.L.A.K rap artist out of Akron, OH.Those 8 words should make you cringe. People are dying while we over analyze our ‘spirituality’ and forget that the core of the Gospel is not judgement, rules or methods, but love and forgiveness.

I’m speaking to the choir.

I often make the mistake of thinking that I have to use lofty ‘evangelism’ words to win the hearts of those in my circle who are not saved, but that’s not how Christ won me. I was wooed by the depths of His love for me despite my condition as a sinner. No judgement was issued. Christ took care of that.

God has given each of us a unique assignment that is often found within the trials He continues to bring  us through. We can’t be so quick to write someone off because they don’t live the same lifestyle or practice the same beliefs as we do. This is your opportunity to be Christ to someone who may have only heard of Him through swears, jokes or agony. Be the light, the salt and the truth that will undo every false perception of who Christ really is.

Let’s show the world that we care.

Being a Christ follower is about so much more than just church services and Jesus pieces. It’s about reaching out to those who are in need of God’s love and being that light in dark places, situations and times. People are dying. Do you really care?

To listen to SWOOPE’S recent album, Because You Asked click here

Bon Appétit,

Chiereme, Executive Chef

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