“Dear Noel Jones, Pop the Question!” by Jay Julien

I am a fan of Preachers of LA. I appreciate the fact that it allows us to talk about a lot of topics concerning the state of the local church and our leaders. A lot of people were against the show being aired because it didn’t reflect their pastor or their individual beliefs. So, the question is, what are your beliefs? What does your ideal preacher look like? What would you do differently if you were a preacher?

One of the biggest issues throughout the last two seasons has been Noel Jone’s relationship with his friend Loretta. Ron Gibson, another preacher on the reality show, believes that their relationship is inappropriate, because they have been friends for more than 16 years and they have not decided to get married. Ron Gibson says that you can’t be friends with an attractive woman for 16 years and not have sex with her. Noel Jones says that they are just friends and there is no sexual relationship between him and Loretta.

Ron Gibson has been accusing Noel Jones of having an inappropriate relationship for two whole seasons and he won’t back down until Noel pops the big question. But here is the big question Noel Jones should ask Ron Gibson: should marriage be determined by man’s timing or God’s timing?

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